Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Kid Rock On the Sex Tape

KID ROCK guest-starred on HOWARD STERN's show this morning and was immediately grilled by the satellite radio host about his infamous sex tape with CREED singer SCOTT STAPP. Although he claimed not to remember the exact horny details of the two's sex romp with multiple big and busty babes, he did recall, "I got four chicks blowing me and he comes in with a camera. I'm not really into cameras. I'm definitely into four girls blowing me. He comes in and he's like, 'Can I get in on that?' I'm like, 'You know what? Take your pants off. It's all good, buddy.' We were in a trailer. I think we were in hand-slapping distance. As I remember, I was kind of slinging from the ceiling a little bit." Later, he found Scott cuddling in bed with one of the girls and joked, that's "not the [kind of] chick you want to be kissing."

Clips of the vid have been making the Internet rounds and last week, Kid filed a lawsuit against Red Light, which made headlines in 2004 by distributing the PARIS HILTON sex video, accusing them of violating his trademark and privacy rights. The suit seeks a permanent court order halting sale or distribution of the video. Kid told Howard he was pissed about the tape leaking out but really didn't seem to care about the suit, saying the video could actually boost sales of his new CD ''Live' Trucker': "I just wanna own it. If I recorded a song with SHERYL CROW, which I did, I can't put that song out without getting her permission. Now there's all a bunch of jerk-ass attorneys involved and I'm like, 'Let's just roll with it until the record comes out.' "

He said the sexy free-for-all happened about "six years ago" in Florida and that he hasn't talked to Scott since then. "As dumb as he is, he's gotta be smart enough to know he's looking like a doofus," Kid said. "Did he think he was gonna look cool because I was in the room?" He also talked some smack about ex PAM ANDERSON, implying she wasn't entirely honest about that little Hepatitis C thingy. "I had no idea what it is. I was like, 'Oh shit, we're dead!' I didn't know what was going on. There was just some inconsiderate things, but whatever."

Finally he added, "If that's the worst I'm doing, that's all right. At least it was four girls. I don't want to date any more actresses and that crap. I'm over it."

Now, that's a rock star!

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Monday, February 27, 2006

Fat Brit Celebrates Fat Tuesday!

BRITNEY SPEARS broadcasted live from Loueeeziana Tuesday a.m. as part of "Good Morning America"'s Mardi Gras coverage on ABC. Spears took some local girls shopping and dining at one of Cajun chef EMERIL's restaurants, where they chowed on some Southern comfort food, including fried chicken and red beans and rice. According to People mag, "I thought instead that it'd be more meaningful if I surprised a group of girls to spend the day with them doing things that I used to like to do in Louisiana when I was younger." Sadly, the scheduled pole-dancing and 40-ounce beer run was cancelled b/c the pop tart was too bloated after gorging herself to fit through the strip club doors.

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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Wake Me Up Before You -- Uh Oh!

Our favorite leather-clad pop singer, GEORGE MICHAEL, was arrested Saturday night on suspicion of drug possession after passersby noticed him slumped in his car at a busy London intersection. That bastion of British reporting The Sun reports that police found the dazed and confused star, 42, parked at a crazy angle at London's Hyde Park Corner at 1:50 a.m. On George's person they found mary-jane and GHB, that all-purpose party and date-rape drug. Also, in the trunk of the car, was a stash of pornos and sex toys, including gimp masks. Awful curious, eh, George?

MONDAY Update: Today George issued a statement about the incident saying it was:
"My own stupid fault, as usual. I was in possession of class C drugs, which is an offense, and I have no complaints about the police who were professional throughout." He stressed his concern "that people know that I was properly tested by the police doctor -- who stated to the officers present that I was not impaired in any way and should be allowed to drive home."

In a P.S., he added: "I promise I won't make a record out of this one -- even though it's tempting."

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Kathie Lee's Teen Son Is a Horndog

You might remember KATHIE LEE GIFFORD's kids CODY and CASSIDY (above) as angelic toddlers in the '90s when she was on "Live with Regis and Kathie Lee." Well, Cody is turning 16 next month and is apparently the horniest kid on earth. Kathie Lee dragged him onto "JIMMY KIMMEL Live" Tuesday night and joked that the only way she could get him to come on the show was because she promised him that "Playboy Playmates would be at the studio." She also revealed that he's got a crush on the OLSEN TWINS and said, "He tried to find them once," at which point he shrieked "MOM!! SSSHHHH!" This should please no one more than HOWARD STERN, who often joked he couldn't wait until Kathie Lee's kids hit puberty because he hoped they would become crazed sex fiends, gay or strippers.

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Michael Kors: The Lost Oompah Loompah?

He's "Project Runway"'s shrillest critic, savaging the contestants' designs with sinister glee! But what is orange-hued fashion maven MICHAEL KORS' tragic untold secret? Is he, in fact, the last of the Oompah Loompah tribe?
"Project Runway" airs again tonight at 10 on Bravo with a reunion of the previously eliminated contestants. Will "Dirty DIANA" make the scene? Will ANDRAE cry? Can't wait to find out!

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Monday, February 20, 2006

Ashton and His Mom Hit the Town

ASHTON KUTCHER and DEMI MOORE attended a fashion event at the trendy Kitson boutique in Beverly Hills this weekend, and as usual, Mom, I mean, Demi had trouble keeping her little man in line! Can't you just see the dialogue here? "Ashton, NO! Ashton, come HERE. Ashton, Mommy's leaving. Ashton, Mommy's going to count to 5! 1 ... 2 ... 3...."

Also at the event was the lovely STACY KEIBLER from "Dancing with the Stars"

Although no one probably recognized her without her sequins. Congrats on making the finals, Stace!

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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Federline Demands Respect, Y'all!

Just when you thought Mr. BRITNEY SPEARS couldn't get any more punk-ass and annoying, here he comes again! In the new issue of Newsweek magazine, on stands Monday, KEVIN FEDERLINE warns that his upcoming album will bring "shock and awe" raining down on the public and brags that his Website, www.kevinfederline.com,
got 2 million hits in eight days after his crap-tastic web release of "Popozao."
"If my album has even half that attention, watch out," he says. "That means everybody out there who loves me still loves me, and everybody out there who hates me, well, they're secretly buying it, too."

Feder-joke says he plans to release his debut CD by this spring and Britney will not be singing on it. "We have collaborated," he says. "But I'm not gonna put the songs on this album because it's, like, 'Respect me first, then I'll show you what I've done with my wife.'"

And finally to all the haters: "They've already said so much s--t about me it can't get worse. 'He hates his children, he treats his wife like dirt, he gets high all day.' If I was that bad, you think anyone, let alone Britney, would put up with it?"

Ah, do you really want us to answer that, K-baller?

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Friday, February 17, 2006

Nick Lachey Wants Half

The kid gloves are coming off in the NICK LACHEY/JESSICA SIMPSON split! As we reported Friday, our sources at the L.A. Superior Courthouse were correct, saying that Nick had just filed for "spousal support," i.e. houses and money. Nick lobbed the papers in response to Jessica's request for divorce in December and not only wants alimony but the jewelry he gave her while they were married too! But Jessica isn't going down without a fight. She's seeking to stop him, and change her name legally back to "Jessica Simpson" from her married name of "Jessica Simpson Lachey." So will Mr. Blue Eyes get Jess's Pizza Hut dough? Or will he be the next B-list shill on season 3 of "Dancing with the Stars"? And what about all that lovey dovey stuff he said in his new single about being "broken and fading"?

Finally, see who's sleeping in their posh $3.75 million Calabasas home now!

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Tom Cruise Is Not a Control Freak ...

...That is, unless you consider dragging your 8-month pregnant wife from Los Angeles to Australia and then onto a boat surrounded by photographers just to prove that you're still together -- controlling. But, hey, what kind of maniac would do that?

For more Tomkat, click here!

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Monday, February 13, 2006

Can You Pick the Real Paris?

A PARIS HILTON lookalike crashed an invite-only show at New York's Fashion Week and was promptly escorted to a front row seat next to DAVID LEE ROTH and other celebs before being exposed, gossip channel TMZ.com reports. The blonde model, named NATALIE REID, is a dead ringer for the hotel heir-head, right down to her squeaky voice and orange tan. In fact, she reportedly tries to punk as many events as she can! She's shown above. So can you pick the genu-whine Carl's Jr. burger babe from this lineup? To see the real Paris, click here.

And this photo just cracks me up. Who's the actress? Hint: She's not really that big!

It's junior Vampire Slayer ALYSON HANNIGAN, wearing a fat suit for "Date Movie," a spoof of "Wedding Crashers," "Napoleon Dynamite" and more romantic comedies. It opens in theaters Friday, Feb. 17.

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Damage Control Ideas for Britney

First the baby bobble and then the Grammy nipple slip and now here come the government scolds. Looks like BRITNEY SPEARS could use some help, y'all! U.S. Transportation Secretary NORMAN MINETA called Britney "irresponsible" after photos of the pop star driving with her baby son on her lap surfaced on the Web last week. "While Ms. Spears has acknowledged her mistake, her actions still send the wrong message to millions of her fans," Norman said at an event at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Heck, yes, the Southern-fried pop star blew it by clutching baby SEAN PRESTON on her lap like a jumbo-sized sack of Cheetos while speeding away from Starbucks. "No matter who you are, there's absolutely no excuse for this display -- not instinct, not fear, not even reckless paparazzi," he droned on. "It's irresponsible to compromise the safety of a child for the sake of the moment." Well, DUH. But, in her defense, Norman has clearly never had a venti caramel frappuccino. Those hyper-caffeinated missiles can make a girl do cuh-razy things! If nothing else, Starbucks should offer poor hillbilly Brit a spokesgig or at the very least, her own signature drink. How 'bout the "Hit Me Baby, One more Chai"? Or the "(You Drive Me) Crazy" carseat? There's money to be made here, people!

Read about the original baby crisis here!

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Friday, February 10, 2006

Heather to Richie: You Give Love a Bad Name!

Say it ain't so! Was RICHIE SAMBORA boinking his assistant on the side? Star magazine is reporting that HEATHER LOCKLEAR called it quits after intercepting racy emails from Richie's former assistant, STEPHANIE HEATON, 39, to His Holy Acid-Washed Jean-ness. According to the mag, the emails included "photos that showed her lying on her side, wearing only fishnets and boots, and another one of 'her wearing a baby-doll nightie in a provocative pose.' The message read, says the friend, 'Hi. Hope you like these.'" On Feb. 2, Heather filed for divorce from the Bon Jovi rocker in Los Angeles, while he was in Washington, D.C., on tour. "It's completely untrue!" he sputtered when told on the air by a DJ and swore he'd be joining Heather at home in California for Valentine's Day. Yikes! The two have a daughter, AVA.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Only at the Grammys

The Grammys kicked off Wednesday night with an ambitious yet slightly creepy duet between MADONNA and the cartoon GORILLAZ. While the Granny of Pop jumped around in a leotard to her song "Hung Up," the animated slackers were projected around her like holograms. Sadly, they looked a little too much like "Lord of the Rings"' "Gollum" for comfort.

Then pimps KANYE WEST and JAMIE FOXX performed a rap-off of "Gold-digger" dressed like gay, I mean, rival bandleaders -- complete with furry hats and accompanied by trumpet and drum players straight outta the movie "Drumline." It was fly and all but something tells me those hats will get you shot in the 'hood, playas!

Oddly, the night's sluttiest costume wasn't worn by MARIAH CAREY, but "Desperate Housewife" TERI HATCHER, who showed her knickers off in a see-through designer gown.

And, miracle of miracles, BLACKEYED PEA FERGIE showed up and didn't look like a man in drag for once!

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J.Lo, Nicole and Laguna Beach Stars Hit Fashion Week

Fall 2006 Fashion Week is happening in Manhattan this week and features all the big designers showing off their fall lines. Naturally the stars are out in force, looking to grab whatever freebies they can! Spotted backstage ...
J.LO and leathery DONATELLA VERSACE. Easy, bitches! Wonder who these two are shooting daggers at? Poor little JEN GARNER perhaps?
NICOLE RICHIE looked like a troll doll next to German goddess HEIDI KLUM!

And, whoa, is there a "Laguna Beach" reunion in the air? L.C. and JASON looked awful cozy...
While KRISTIN popped by the LUCA LUCA, BCBG and BETSEY JOHNSON shows. Claws in, girls!

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Yeehaw! Off-Roading Louisiana Style

TUESDAY UPDATE: California Sheriffs arrived at BRITNEY SPEARS' Malibu home in response to the baby-on-board bad-driving incident. The Dept. of Children and Family Services is now investigating, ABC News reports. (Details below)

Oh, baby, baby! BRITNEY SPEARS is on the run from angry moms after photos of her speeding away from a Malibu Starbucks with baby SEAN PRESTON on her lap -- and not in a carseat -- have surfaced. The distraught baby mama says she took Sean out of his car seat in the back to hold him in her lap when those stealthy paparazzi approached and reportedly "became aggressive." Upon her bodyguard's return to the SUV with her drinks, Britney drove off with Sean still in her lap. She pours her heart out to People.com:

"Today I had a horrifying, frightful encounter with the paparazzi while I was with my baby. Because of a recent incident when I was trapped in my car without my baby by a throng of paparazzi, I was terrified that this time the physically aggressive paparazzi would put both me and my baby in danger. I instinctively took measures to get my baby and me out of harm's way, but the paparazzi continued to stalk us, and took photos of us which were sold to the media. I love my child and would do anything to protect him."

Hey, people, whaddaya expect? She grew up in Louisiana, where toddlers are hunting with sippy cups full of Jack Daniels at age 2!

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Hillbillies' Night Out!

Hey y'all! In more Britney news, she and hubby KEVIN FEDERLINE crashed a Grammy pre-party Monday night. The Kentucky-fried couple looked oh-so-cute in their fancy, goin'-out duds. Although K-Fed had a little trouble with those confounded shirt buttons (notice the extra-long shirttail). Aw, hooey! KANYE WEST performed at the hot bash at Avalon nightclub in Hollywood.

Keira Knightley: Naked, Actually

"Vanity Fair" is sexing up its annual Hollywood issue with hotties KEIRA KNIGHTLEY and SCARLETT JOHANNSON writhing around nekkid on the cover. The creepy guy in the shot is not JEREMY "Pivert" PIVEN (although he probably wishes it was!), but fashion and artistic designer TOM FORD, who filled in when a third starlet got nervous and "asked if she could be excluded from the shoot." (Want to know who she is? Click here to find out!) The Hollywood issue also includes shots of ANGELINA in a bathtub and JENNIFER ANISTON in nothing but a pair of boots. It hits newsstands Valentine's Day, Feb. 14.

For video backstage at the shoot, check out Vanityfair.com.

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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Eminem's Got a Lady's Bum

"F"-EMINEM showed fans what he really thought of SuperBowl Sunday when he dropped trow on the red carpet at his own Detroit SuperBowl party. Hmm, quite a soft womanly ass for such a tough-talkin dude, ain't it? Thanks to HollywoodRag.com for the pics.

Related stories: Eminem's Wedding Pics

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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Nick Lachey Needs a Hug

Muscle-bound cutie NICK LACHEY's new ballad, "What's Left of Me," is premiering on AOL this weekend and seems to speak volumes about his breakup with Little Miss Short Shorts JESSICA SIMPSON. In either a desperate cry for Jessica to come back or the Master Pimp' Move of All Time, Nick rasps,
"I've been dying inside
Little by little
Nowhere to go
But goin' out of my mind
In endless cirlcles
runnin' from myself until
You gave me a reason for standing still
'cause I want you
and I feel you
crawling underneath my skin
like a hunger
like a burning
to find the place I've never been
now I'm broken
and I'm fading
I'm half the man I thought I would be
You can have
What's left of me"

Is he yummy or what? Whether Jess comes back or not, Nick will won't be sleeping alone ever again after this song comes out!

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Friday, February 03, 2006

Paris Violated -- Again

"Gaw, people just, like, suck"! PARIS HILTON was overheard to say recently. After losing her chihuahua, her sex tape and any shred of self-respect, the heir-head has misplaced her personal diaries, pictures and, now, even furniture. A creepy guy in Phoenix claims to have Paris' most intimate items after they were tossed out of a public storage locker for non-payment of rent. Paris' rep admitted that yes, the junk is hers and includes "18 diaries in which Hilton recounts past sexual dalliances, celebrity encounters and other adventures. Also included are photographs of Hilton at 'wild parties' on yachts and in private homes, as well as her computers, clothing, videos and furniture." The creepy dude is asking $20 million in exchange for the stuff. But at this point, he should probably just hold a 99 cent sale. I mean, is there anyone left who hasn't seen this girl's privates already?

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Mystery Starlet Answer!

The star who refused to pose nekkid for "Vanity Fair" is indeed "Wedding Crashers"' RACHEL McADAMS! Way to go, Rachel! Kudos for keeping your panties on!

Senior Sequels: Born to Score or Bore?

A friend at work turned me on to a couple sequels-in-the-making that normally I would have laughed off. But he was so pumped about them, I had to wonder: Are sequels made 10-plus years after the originals really not a terrible idea? First up, SLY STALLONE returns as Steroid Stallion Rocky Balboa in "Rocky VI," which started filming last year. In the new flick, the now-widowed Rocky, in his 60s?, owns a restaurant but is goaded into getting back into the ring to fight boxer "Mason Dixon," played by ROY JONES JR. from the "Matrix: Revolutions." There's something about an "Internet fight" which sounds too corny to even address, and even pumped full of horse tranquilizers, Rocky looks a little saggy around the armpits. In any case, there are pics of Sly (like this one) on the official "RockyBalboablog.com" if you, too, are psyched.

Basic Instinct 2: Bad Clams?

The second "bad news" sequel stars SHARON STONE as you guessed it, that sexy lesbian author with slightly homicidal tendencies, in "Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction." She's "in trouble again" and toying with a new police psychiatrist (DAVID MORRISSEY). The movie was originally so racy it was going to get an NC-17, but has now been edited down to an "R." The official site shows just a large picture of Sharon looking bitchy and annoyed with her legs half uncrossed. Question: Do people still care enough to pay to see Sharon's aging clam?

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Thursday, February 02, 2006

New Harry Potter Cast Suits Up

The fifth book in the Harry Potter series, "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix," will begin filming next Monday in London, Warner Bros. announced today. Stars DANIEL RADCLIFFE, EMMA WATSON and RUPERT GRINT will return along with some new Hogwarts teachers and students, including Harry's strange, yet pivotal friend, Luna "Looney" Lovegood. Fourteen-year-old EVANNA LYNCH (see below) landed the role as the sweet but spacey Looney at an open casting last month in England which drew 15,000 hopefuls. Playing Harry's sadistic new Professor of the Dark Arts, Dolores Umbridge, is older actress IMELDA STAUNTON ("Vera Drake)." And Ministry of Magic Aurors, or magical G-men, include GEORGE HARRIS ("The Interpreter," "Black Hawk Down") as Kingsley Shacklebolt; and NATALIA TENA ("Mrs. Henderson Presents," "About a Boy") as shape-shifting Nymphadora Tonks. I could totally geek out here and tell you much, much more but I'll spare you and just say the film comes out in 2007.

More Movie Fun

See why Robin strikes out with the ladies in the hilarious new short "Robin's Big Date" at www.redheadedleague.com. The short film stars SAM ROCKWELL ("Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy") as the man in black and JUSTIN LONG ("Herbie: Fully Loaded") as his nervous companion. It made a splash at the Sundance Film Fest and shows what happens when Batman tries to move in on Robin's lady at a restaurant. "So who's gonna score with her, you or me?" Batman nudges Robin. "One of us has gotta score!" (It's definitely funny in a way that reminds me of early KEVIN SMITH ("Clerks") greatness.)

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Name the Celeb!

Remember him? This sad, bald, slightly paunchy man was once a former '80s pop star...

Here's a hint: He'll "tumble for ya"! Scroll down to see the answer ...

Yes, it's BOY GEORGE. He was in a Noo Yawk court today pleading not guilty to drug charges. The former "Karma Chameleon" was arrested at his Big Apple apartment Oct. 7 after calling 911 to report a burglary. Police on the scene arrested him instead after finding a small amount of cocaine next to a computer. Not smart, Boy! After warbling a few bars of "Do you really want to hurt me?" he was hauled in by the cops. He's out on bail and his next hearing happens March 8.

Madonna to Kick It Toon-Style

In what could be a cool collaboration or a completely corny disaster, MADONNA will be singing with the cartoon GORILLAZ at Wednesday night's Grammy Awards on CBS. The Gorillaz (2D, Murdoc, Noodle and Russel) are actually the brain-child of BLUR frontman DAMON ALBARN and "Tank Girl" cartoonist JAMIE HEWLETT. So in order for them to jam on stage with Madge they'll have to be projected as three-dimensional holograms. It could be as cool as "DisneyLand's "Haunted House" ride with its animated ghosts or as cheesy as those talking "M&M" commercials. Their album "Feel Good Inc." is also nominated for Record of the Year.

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